Chinaaposs First Semiconductor Laser Stealth Wafer Cutting Machine Has Been Successfully Develop

Our country scientific research domain spread good news!It was officially announced that the Great Wall of China science and technology group, zhengzhou railway traffic information technology institute, henan general intelligent equipment co., LTD., last year jointly, our country the first semiconductor laser stealth on May 8, wafer cutting machine was developed successfully, fill the domestic blank, and implements the best light and cutting process, on the key performance parameters in the international leading level.

Great Wall said that this marks a substantial breakthrough in China's semiconductor laser invisible wafer cutting technology, the situation of equipment dependence on imports is about to be broken, opened the prelude to the development of China's laser wafer cutting industry.

It is reported that zhengzhou rail transportation institute was established in 2017. For several years, it has been carrying out scientific research innovation and technological breakthrough centering on independent safety industrial controller, high-end equipment manufacturing and new-generation information technology breakthrough. After being acquired by a subsidiary company of Great Wall of China, it has entered a new round of accelerated development.

According to introducing, wafer cutting is indispensable key process in semiconductor testing process, and compared with the traditional way of cutting, laser cutting is non-contact processing, can avoid the surface damage of crystalline silicon, and has high machining accuracy, high processing efficiency, etc, can greatly improve the quality of chip manufacturing, efficiency and benefit.

China's first semiconductor laser stealth wafer cutting machine adopts special materials, special structure design and special motion platform, which can achieve high stability and high precision when the processing platform moves at high speed. The motion speed can reach 500mm/s, and the efficiency is much higher than that of foreign equipment.

In terms of optics, according to the spectral characteristics of monocrystalline silicon, combined with the application level of industrial laser, the equipment adopts the appropriate wavelength, total power, pulse width and frequency double laser, and finally realizes the invisible cutting.

In terms of image, cameras with different pixel sizes and different photosensitive chips, and lenses with different functions, have realized the product contour recognition and the horizontal adjustment of low, medium and high power.

In addition, the equipment is also equipped with a coaxial imaging system, which can ensure the real-time confirmation and optimization of the cutting effect to achieve the best cutting effect.

High-end intelligent equipment is the backbone of the country and the cornerstone of the manufacturing industry. Especially in the field of semiconductors, high-end intelligent equipment plays a decisive role in the development of the national economy.