How To Choose Suitable Laser Cutting Machine

With the rise of China's laser brand, China's laser equipment is no longer dependent on the international import channels, more and more domestic laser cutting machine manufacturers, the competition is getting fiercer and fiercer.Facing many domestic manufacturers, how should customers choose, brand?Power?Cost performance?After sales?Which brand of laser cutting machine is good after all?Jinweike laser for everyone to buy the most important laser cutting machine 3 big parameters, tell you which brand of laser cutting machine is good!

The first parameter is the type of light source.Light source type, namely the laser type of the core components of the laser cutting machine, generally including CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, optical fiber laser cutting machine.The three laser cutting machines use different materials, and your choice is based on the material you need to cut.Jinwei laser adopts the world famous brand IPG high power laser, powerful cutting force, high quality beam quality and reliability.

The second parameter is power.What determines your power choice is the thickness of the cutting sheet.The thicker the plate, the more difficult the cutting, the greater the power required.We compared the cutting thickness of common brands in the market and found that in the most extreme cutting state, the general carbon steel plate can be processed to 36mm, and the stainless steel can reach 25mm.Brand name is bigger, general effect also is more effect is stable, resemble jin wei to cut laser carbon steel plate can process to 60mm, stainless steel can achieve 50mm.Some manufacturers may need to cut a variety of thickness of material, if the purchase of a variety of power equipment will inevitably produce idle resources.

The third parameter is the cost performance, the current surface of the two major parameters basically reach the standard, decided to choose which laser cutting machine, the most important factor is probably the price!But for the laser cutting machine this expensive and important equipment, covet the price is cheap, easy to pay a serious price.A cheap price can mean a discount on quality, or trouble after sales.Jinweike laser cost performance, after-sales service is far ahead of the industry, the national after-sales service center 24 hours in time to respond, to create xinxin service, so that the customer machine in the best performance operation.