How To Select A Good Quality Laser Cutting Machine

Laser cutting machine is one of the most popular equipment for metal processing, in the laser cutting machine application more and more widely today, how to select laser cutting machine is concerned, how to select a good quality laser cutting machine, this requires a certain knowledge of laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine has a certain understanding.

The first thing to notice when choosing a laser cutting machine is the quality.

Laser cutting machine quality mainly to pay attention to nothing more than cutting speed, cutting quality, life span and so on.If it is a second-hand laser cutting machine, be sure to pay attention to its maintenance state.If there are other features to be added to a device, such as automation requirements, there is a price difference.

The second point of selecting a laser cutting machine is the range of processing materials.

The power of the laser varies with the thickness and range of processing. The modern laser cutting system can cut the maximum thickness of the carbon steel plate up to 100MM. The cutting joint of the carbon steel can be controlled in a satisfactory width range by using the oxidation melting cutting mechanism, and the cutting joint of the thin plate can be narrowed to about 0.1mm.Laser cutting machines commonly seen in the market have high power laser cutting machines (more than 4000W), medium power laser cutting machines (10

00w-3000w), low-power laser cutting machine (500w-750w).For example: if the usual processing of stainless steel plate within 2MM, 1000W laser cutting machine is enough, 6-8mm stainless steel plate, choose 3000W laser cutting machine cost-effective.

Select laser cutting machine the third point to see the configuration.

Many customers blindly talk about the price, the price depends on the purchase cost of spare parts, labor cost, logistics cost, post-sale service and other costs.Some business machine price is very low, put aside all costs, basically no profit space;If there is a profit, the parts used are undoubtedly cheap, and there will be hidden dangers in the use of customers.We in the industry know, people outside the industry do not know, like this is to disrupt the same industry's marketing rules.Encounter such a business customer please buy a cautious.

In fact, when buying laser cutting equipment, the price is only a small part of our consideration, the right machine is important.You may ask is a laser cutting equipment agent, the agent must have agency fees, which leads to the high price of laser cutting equipment, you may also ask is laser cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment some models are very low price, but the machine is not suitable for you to use.